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How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

Homeowners with an eye to sell their home may be hearing words like walkability. But was does it mean and how does it apply to your situation? While it isn’t a big factor with all buyers or all situations, it is important to know what walkability is and how you can feature that desired aspect of your neighborhood if you have it.

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood

Walkability In Your Neighborhood

What is walkability?

Walkability refers to the access that a particular home or neighborhood has for pedestrians. This can be seen in wide sidewalks, crosswalks across major intersections, and walking paths and trails. One of the biggest factors in walkability is the proximity to major shopping and entertainment areas. If you have sidewalks throughout your neighborhood that make it easy for you to get to restaurants, shops, schools, and work, you have a very walkable area!

Why is walkability important?

More and more potential buyers are looking for homes and neighborhoods that are walkable. Some want to downsize their vehicle needs and go to one (or no) cars. Walking to work and shopping is a major factor in this decision.

Other buyers just like having places nearby for recreation and fresh air. Whether they are an avid runner who wants to train or a family that enjoys after-dinner walks and bike rides, having places to enjoy their outdoor activities has major appeal for many buyers.

How can I promote my home’s walkability?

If this sounds like your home and neighborhood, there are a few things that you can do in your listing to bring this to the attention of potential buyers. First, use the words ‘walkable’ and ‘walkability’ as it applies to you. If you have a walking path that leads to a nearby shopping center, point it out. You can also list the distances to popular areas, including restaurants, schools, and major business centers. Make sure to note if there are designated walking paths as well as sidewalks. Pictures of the outdoor spaces near your home can also be a great draw for potential buyers and peak their interest.

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